Why do you bring lighting outside?

I get asked this question a lot. I have learned so much over the years about the importance of lighting and what a difference lighting can make in your photos! Yes! Using natural light can be absolutely gorgeous, however, being a true to color photographer, bringing my own lighting provides so many more options when shooting. Have you seen photos with the sky that is completely gray or white? Last I checked, the sky is blue and usually full of detail. I am OBSESSED with fluffy clouds and sunsets. Without OCF, capturing the depth and vibrance of the sky would be impossible in order to properly expose for the subjects in the frame. You will most likely see me walking around a session whether during the day, golden hour or night with the 34" GLOW beauty dish soft box and the 10 foot C-stand with extendable arm. These two products have drastically changed the game for me. WHAT a DIFFERENCE this light set up makes for my photos. I no longer have to photoshop "fake" skies in post or totally blow out my sky in order to see my subjects in the frame.

Time of Day

I know I mentioned before that I love shooting sunsets because of all the beauty in the sky. However, being a Cincinnati wedding photographer, there are so many amazing places in the city. I love capturing the details of the sky scrapers and lights from the buildings. I can shoot at 10 o'clock at night if I want and STILL get amazing images that capture the essence of this amazing city. The background is vibrant and the subject is crisp and well lit.

Daytime flexibility

Sometimes a client may want to shoot in the middle of the day which is not ideal because the sun is harsh as it is directly over head. I typically would find an area with even lighting and then use my flash to "fill in" the subject. This would work great if I was shooting a portrait session, but weddings are scheduled for a specific time and location. Understanding how to use OCF helps me create stunning images regardless of where the photos are located. I am able to use OCF to fill in shadows, expose for the background and capture gorgeous memories.

Indoor Weddings and Receptions

I cannot express enough the importance of knowing how to use OCF indoors. Most wedding receptions are inside, dimly lit and without any "natural" light source. It is imperative to use an OCF light source. I typically use a two to three light system. I LOVE being able to use a back light during the first dance to create a hair like that helps the couple "pop" from the background. Using a backlight also lets me be creative when shooting prep shots for capturing hairspray or other elements of the day. I sometimes use a backlight with a colored gel to create a unique look to the image; all of which would be impossible without OCF.