Look and feel your best on your wedding day!

Preparing for your wedding day can be fun, stressful, exciting and filled with anxiety. There are several things that you can do to ease your mind and help get you ready for the best day of your life! Consider the following tips as you plan for your wedding day.

Hair & Makeup: Getting you hair and make-up professionally done for your wedding day is so important. However, before choosing your stylist and artist, be sure to read reviews, explore their portfolio and do a trial run. A trial run helps you see what will work best for you! It is also important to consider what head pieces, jewelry and color themes you will be using for your day. It is often helpful to search bridal magazines or online idea boards. You can share those ideas with your stylist and makeup artist before your trial run!

Tanning: It is very important to consider the style of your dress before you tan. If you have selected a strapless dress, you would not want to have tan lines from your swim suit top or tank top. Be sure that if you are tanning, either in a tanning bed or outside, that you use appropriate skin care and avoid exposure which could lead to burns. Two - three months prior to your wedding is the most important time frame to be more cautious when tanning, especially to avoid uneven color or tan lines.

Accessories: Choosing the best necklaces, earrings, bracelets and head pieces are important. Consider if you will want to include any family heirlooms as part of your accessories! Many brides choose to wear jewelry that was passed down through their family which makes your bridal attire so special. If you choose to purchase jewelry from your bridal boutique or another store, try on multiple styles with your dress! It is also important to make your final jewelry decision prior to your wedding day so that your prep time goes smoothly.

Shoes: Choosing the right pair of shoes can be tricky. Consider the location of your wedding! Are you getting married outside? Are you getting married somewhere that requires you to walk alot? If you are getting married outside consider what size heels you will wear if you are selecting a high heel. Heels can sink into the grass and mud. This often results in a ruined shoe and could cause you to fall if you heel gets stuck. Heel guards are available which helps to prevent these problems. Are you going to be married somewhere that requires alot of walking? Maybe a custom flip flop or high top sneaker may work for you! Whatever you choose, be sure to wear them before your big day. This allows your shoes to form to your foot and will ultimately provide the most comfortable wear for you.

Eat & Drink: It is so important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Being hydrated helps your skin to glow and helps you feel great! You will also want to eat on your wedding day. Many brides get so busy getting ready that they neglect to eat breakfast or "snack" through the day. Many times they will get a headache and could even become dizzy. Choose foods that will give you energy and are easy to eat such as nuts, fruit and protein. Also consider, if you going to drink alcohol, do not become intoxicated before your photos. Stay away from red wine as it can stain your dress and lips.

Hair Cuts and Waxing: Looking your best on your wedding day, no doubt, includes a fresh hair cut for your groom and taking care of your eyebrows! It is important that you allow at least 24-48 hours from the cut or wax before the wedding day. This allows the hair to relax and be more easily styled. Also, allowing 24-48 hours before the ceremony to wax your eyebrows will prevent any unwanted redness or irritation that could occur.