Should I have a photography schedule?

Well, I can answer this with a very confident YES! We will absolutely have a photography schedule for your wedding day. One thing that we discuss at your wedding consultation is your plan and vision for the day. Now, every photo isn't staged or posed, of course. However, the need for a scheduled "traditionally posed" photography time is necessary for your wedding day memories. It is important that photography captures your day and that you don't feel as if your day has been overwhelmed with photography. Having a schedule in mind will keep your wedding day flowing and on time. Of course, there is room for flexibility in your day, but the closer you can stay on schedule the less stressful your day will feel.

The first thing to consider in your schedule is if you will be having a "first look". Check out my blog about the pro's and con's of a first look moment. We typically schedule a " first look " two hours before the ceremony. Then, we will allow 30 minutes for party photos and 30 - 45 minutes for bride and groom photos. This allows everyone plenty of time to freshen up before the ceremony. After the ceremony, is usually when family portraits are taken. However, some couples choose to do all of their photos, including the family before the ceremony. Whatever you choose, be prepared for 30 - 45 minutes for family photos depending on the size of your family.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

In your questionnaire that I send you before our consultation, there is space to note the family members that will be attending and that should be photographed. Knowing this information helps me and my assistant keep the flow of photos organized and timely. The only other "scheduled" photography time usually happens during the reception. My couples LOVE the sunset photos that we are able to capture with a little off camera flash magic. So, we sneak out for about 15 minutes to capture those magical moments.

To recap, be prepared to expect:

-10 to 15 minutes for a first look

-30 minutes for party photos

-30 to 45 minutes for bride and groom photos

-15 to 20 minutes for bridal portraits

-30 to 45 minutes for family photos ( this can change based on the size of your family)

-15 to 20 minutes for sunset photos