The cake! The cake is always the highlight of the reception. What does the cake look like? What flavor is the cake? What wedding cake topper will you choose? There are so many options! Cupcakes, three tiered cakes, creme filled cakes, naked cakes and bundt cakes are what some brides choose. What if you don't like cake?! There's even delicious choices for the cake haters of the world. Cookies, cheesecake, donuts, brownies, and even ice cream sundae bars have been a few of my favorite treats that I have photographed at weddings.

The "cake" you choose is a great way to show your creative side. With multiple flavors and fillings to choose from, the sky is the limit! Here are some tips for choosing your wedding day sweet treat.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. What is your favorite sweet treat? This is the time to share some of your personality with your guests. I have seen some clever grooms cakes which "take the cake". If you don't like cake, then why would you have cake? If cheesecake or pie is your favorite then definitely choose those desserts.
  2. Is your reception more casual or is it formal? A casual reception may lend itself to some casual treats like s'mores over the campfire or an ice cream sundae bar! Who am I kidding? Those treats would be delicious anywhere and anytime. You can even do a custom donut wall!
  3. Will you have a full reception or a simple "meet and greet" time? A full reception allows time for cake or cupcakes to be served to your guests. If you are having a small refreshments time, it may be more efficient to either have individually wrapped cupcakes ( in leu of a tiered cake that needs to be individually cut ). Consider how easy it would be to " grab and go" as well as set up and clean up time.
  4. Consider the cost of your sweet treats! Cupcakes or sheet cakes will most likely cost less when compared to specialty items such as cheesecakes, macaroons, mini pies, or other delicacies. Ask your baker for all of the option. Then be sure to schedule a taste testing session!! Yummy

Location: Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, Ohio