I love taking photos that really showcase your love story. I have some ideas to help you plan the perfect engagement session. As we plan your engagement session we will most likely go over the following questions.

How and Where did you first meet?

Taking walk down memory lane tends to make all of the butterflies flutter. I love hearing how your love story began. If the place you met or went on your first date is a fond memory, it may be somewhere you would want to include in your session! If you have a photo of when you first met, we can also recreate it for a "then and now" photo!

What do you like to do together?

Every couple has their favorite things to do together. Maybe you have a new hobby or sport that you play? Maybe you like going to the local coffee shop and reading. Incorporating your favorite activities into your session is a great way to tell your love story! Creating a "themed" session around your favorite hobby not only makes your session memorable, but also unique!

Location: The Phoenix - Cincinnati, Ohio

Location: Athena Farm & Vineyard - Beckley, West Virginia

Location: Beckley, West Virginia

Do you have a favorite spot to hang out?

Maybe you like going for a hike or packing a picnic at a local park. Cincinnati has so many amazing parks that make a stunning backdrop for your love story session. If "nature" isn't really your ideal place, we can hang out downtown and find some amazing urban scenes to tell your story. Tall city buildings, colorful murals on brick walls, city lights and the arches of the many bridges in Cincinnati provide us many options for the best locations.

What are your common interests?

Do you love the same sports team? Maybe you cheer for rival teams! Do you love comics or records? Maybe you are both into fitness or bike riding. Whatever your interests are, we can incorporate them into your session.

Do you have any pets together?

Pets are always welcome in photography sessions. If you have a "fur baby" or two that you would like to include that would be amazing! Pets always add a little laughter and fun to a session.